When to install an air conditioner? Before or after renovation?

7 December 2020

Air conditioner installation – during or after renovation?

Sensei experts are ready to help you not only in choosing the right equipment, but also to answer questions that arise from each user: for example, how and when to install the air conditioner correctly.

Although modern climate control equipment is compact, the included communication cables and freon lines can spoil a carefully planned interior design.

Installation of an air conditioner in an already renovated apartment is fraught with many difficulties.

The most popular is the installation of an air conditioner, combined with repair work. It is important during this period to lay electrical cables, freon lines, to make the necessary mortgages so as not to harm expensive repairs.

Basic installation steps

The choice of the location for the equipment is carried out jointly by the customer, who determines the convenience and aesthetics of the location, and SENSEI specialists, who will select the safest and most technologically feasible option for the room.

The installation process itself includes the following stages:

  • drilling holes in walls – drilling and chipping;
  • installation of an external unit;
  • installation of wires providing contact between the two units by means of a freon pipeline and utilities;
  • installation of a drainage system for condensate drainage;
  • installation of the indoor unit;
  • connecting the power supply, evacuating and starting the climate system.

Methods for installing air conditioners during repair

There are two options for the installation of the air conditioner. Separate installation of outdoor and indoor units is possible. The first is mounted directly during the renovation, when the walls are open and you can grind them down and lay them inside the wire without much difficulty. And the indoor unit is installed upon completion of finishing work.

This method of installing air conditioners will suit you if you want:

  • hide the wiring without damaging the sheathing – wallpaper or decorative plaster;
  • “beat” the location of the equipment relative to the interior of the renovated premises.

Of course, the installation can be done in one go in parallel with the ongoing repair. However, in this case, it is required to reasonably weigh all possible risks: damage to the indoor unit by construction tools, materials and additional difficulties during the decoration of the premises.

Installation after repair

It is impossible to foresee everything. If you need to install the equipment in a ready-made room with completed repair and finishing work, then SENSEI specialists will provide the most comfortable and quick setup of all communication systems and the air conditioner itself.

Before starting, you need to stock up on protective films in order to close furniture, floor coverings and other easily dirty interior details. In this way, accidental damage can be avoided and construction dust can be prevented from settling on the surface.

One more point – when installing air conditioners after repairs, it is important not to damage the electrical cables mounted under the finish. Therefore, it is better to entrust the installation of climatic equipment to professionals.

The selection of inter-unit communication is recommended taking into account the color of the decorative sheathing or wallpaper – with a successful combination, you can visually hide the wiring system and keep the overall style of the room intact.

Note to the user: what to consider during installation

Both for you and for the installation team, it is possible to significantly simplify the process of installing the air conditioner if you clarify some important aspects in advance:

  • requirements for the management company for construction, repair and installation work;
  • the need for a protective visor over the outdoor unit, determined by climatic conditions and other environmental factors;
  • list and cost of consumables (copper pipes, thermal insulation, etc.) used for installation;
  • aesthetic recommendations for the placement of equipment (although they are not as high priority as, for example, safety or manufacturability, they still play a role!).


Installation of split systems is a time-consuming task that requires experience and qualifications from the contractor. An installation that does not comply with technical regulations can shorten the life of the air conditioner and significantly reduce its efficiency. The choice of a working group of installers should be approached carefully: it is recommended to use the services of those specialists in whose company the climate system was ordered.

Professionally trained technicians from SENSEI will not only carry out the installation work at the highest level, but also provide further service for your air conditioner.


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