The main mistakes when choosing an air conditioner: tips for future buyers

9 December 2020

Do you want to stay warm in summer and not freeze in winter? This is a guide from Sensei, which deals with 6 common mistakes that lie in wait for You at all stages of the way to a comfortable microclimate: from the first steps in finding an air conditioner to the principles of installation and maintenance.

An air conditioner can be purchased anywhere, and then you can entrust its installation to a seasonal team or builders

Don’t rush to look for discount offers in non-specialized stores. This approach, of course, can save 10-15% on the purchase of equipment, but who will take care of its installation?
Turning to the services of professionals of a “broad profile” (i.e., in fact, to non-professionals) can result in losses. At the installation stage, the lack of skills, special tools, and understanding of the principles of selecting components will not allow you to carry out high-quality work.
The consequences of incorrect installation may be revealed immediately or after the warranty period provided by the company expires. Such non-core companies do not exist for long. Perhaps in a year’s time there will be no one to complain.
Sensei specialists have been selling and installing air conditioning equipment since 2006. When contacting us, our customers are guaranteed qualified advice on the choice of model, installation and support throughout the operation.

Attention! When choosing a company that sells and installs air conditioning systems, ask their representatives to show their documents. The firm has to provide license to carry out works and certificates for equipment. Don’t forget to sign a contract with a cash receipt and a detailed list of services provided.

One split system will be enough for cooling the apartment

Unfortunately, this is a misconception. The task of uniform, one-time cooling of several premises is possible only for expensive multi-zone or channel installations, which will cost $2-4 thousand. Standard split systems imply the placement of a separate indoor unit in each room. At the same time, it is important not to make a mistake in calculating the power of the split system. This determines the correctness of its operation, the comfort of the created microclimate.
After finishing the finishing work you can say goodbye to the dream of organically embedding air conditioning in the interior
Indeed, laying a freon route for refrigerant and electrical cables in the early stages of repair (before plastering, finishing walls) is the most reasonable option. In this case, choosing a gutter for communications does not spoil the appearance of the room.
However, if the moment is missed, there is nothing wrong with it. Wiring and the coolant route can be carried out on the wall, covering non-aesthetic elements with decorative set elements made of practical plastic.

Buying identical air conditioners for different rooms is a great way to set the overall design of your apartment

Buying multiple devices of the same model into an apartment or house at once is not a good idea. For each room, you must select the system separately, based on the heap of parameters. Consider the size of the room, the presence of heat-generating appliances (microwaves, televisions, PCs, etc.), the amount of heat coming from outside (depends on the floor and whether the Windows face the Sunny or shaded side).

Sensei experts suggest consulting professionals to calculate the cooling capacity. When calculating independently, mistakes made will not be repeated.

There is no difference where to place the indoor unit. Hang it where it’s convenient!

A practical streak suggests placing the indoor unit where coolness is most needed: above the sofa or bed. It is pleasant (the breeze from the fan blows over the face) and economical (you do not need to spend electricity on cooling the entire area).
This is a wrong path. A stream of cold air directed directly at the face and head can cause hypothermia and colds.

When choosing a place for the indoor unit, inform the installers about where you plan to place the rest areas.

After installing the air conditioner, there is no need to ventilate the room – the installation will cope with this by itself.

The idea that the air conditioning system takes the air outside, instead releasing it to the street heated — a common misconception, true only in special cases. Only cassette and channel complexes used in commercial and public buildings function in this way. One exception — air conditioning-all-in-ones, embedded in the window openings.
However, split systems are arranged differently. The air in them passes through a closed cycle and is not diluted by external inflows. Therefore, it is important not to forget about ventilation, which protects against the development of mold, the appearance of foci of pathogenic organisms.

Warranty registration

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Product registration

Thank you for choosing our shop and for your purchase! Here you can register the purchased climate control equipment to receive a 5-year warranty.

Attention! You can find most of the information required for registration on the product packaging.

  • If you cannot fill out the registration form completely, then the official warranty is provided for two years subject to a correctly completed warranty card (attached to the sales receipt during the purchase).
  • You can get a warranty for 5 years, provided that the product is installed by an authorized technician with a personal certificate. You can verify validity of the certificate on the page.

Important! Please note! A prerequisite for the warranty is an annual maintenance performed under a contract concluded by and between you and the technician. Each maintenance performed is recorded in the contract.

    Warranty guide

    We guarantee quality and good performance of our equipment, and absence of defects, subject to observation of the rules of operation and regular maintenance. The warranty takes effect on the day of the product sale, as indicated on the sales receipt. During the warranty period, we deliver all necessary components to the buyer and carry out any repair work if the equipment failure is the manufacturer’s fault. This fact should be confirmed by the official service department.

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    2 years

    Official Manufacturer Warranty

    When you purchase a product from an authorized Sensei dealer, you can get a 2-year warranty. An important condition for setting the warranty period is the correct completion of the warranty card and issue of a sales receipt. A 2-year warranty applies to the products:

    • Household/semi-industrial/industrial air conditioners
    • Multisplit systems
    • Heat pumps

    5 years

    Extended Manufacturer Warranty

    A prerequisite for an extended warranty for a product purchased from an authorized Sensei dealer is the correct completion of the warranty card, conclusion of an agreement with an authorized installer, issue a sales receipt and registration on the website. You can get an extended warranty for a period of 5 years for all types of products:

    • Household/semi-industrial/industrial air conditioners
    • Multisplit systems
    • Heat pumps