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Inverter technology is a revolution in air conditioning. It has made equipment more efficient, more economical and more durable.

In conventional air conditioners, when the set parameters are reached, the compressor stops working. It is reactivated when the system detects a change in temperature.

With the use of inverter technology, it was possible to fundamentally change the operation of the compressor. When the required temperature parameters are reached, it does not turn off, but reduces the speed of the electric motor and increases it when necessary.

5 advantages of inverter technology for the consumer:

  1. Profitability. Inverter air conditioners consume 30-40% less electricity.
  2. Effective achievement of the specified parameters. Cooling or heating the room is 2 times faster.
  3. The minimum noise level. Running the engine at low revs reduces noise production by up to 20 dB.
  4. Environmental friendliness. Inverter systems use refrigerants that do not deplete the ozone layer.
  5. Low load on the power grid. Turning on the compressor is accompanied by a sharp supply of electricity. The absence of large starting currents reduces it to a minimum.

Smart solutions for vehicle productivity and your comfort.

Sensei climate technology combines innovative solutions aimed at maintaining a microclimate, purifying the air, taking care of consumer comfort and health. Each model has a wide range of performance in different operating modes. The advanced technologies applied have made it possible to create reliable and functional equipment that not only regulates temperature indicators, but also improves the air quality in your home.

Work with voltage drops

The technique automatically adapts to voltage surges. This promotes stable performance, reduces the likelihood of damage and maximizes the life of the devices.

High efficiency and quiet fan

The optimized fan design with extended blade lengths and improved pitch angle make it quieter and performance has been improved several times.

Heat exchanger special coating

The technology is aimed at increasing heating efficiency and speeding up the defrosting process. The anti-corrosive coating increases resistance to moisture and salts, which negatively affect the performance of the device.

Heat resistant board

Metal housing neutralizes the possibility of fire. The inverter outdoor unit board is adapted to work in different conditions. It is resistant to heat even at 85 ° C.

Comfortable night mode

The microcomputer automatically changes the temperature at night. Set your own microclimate control algorithms or enable intelligent system control.

Low temperature operation

Optimization of the device with the use of an electric compressor heater and smart defrost technology allowed the equipment to operate for heating or cooling at low temperatures.

Intelligent defrosting system

The automatic defrosting mode of the outdoor unit starts at the same time interval. The program activates the function when it is really needed. The automatic defrosting mode reduces energy consumption and increases consumer comfort.

Low noise level

Improved design minimizes noise generation. The room is maintained with a comfortable microclimate and silence.

Self-cleaning system

After shutting down the system, the fan continues to run. The technology prevents moisture accumulation on the heat exchanger and contamination of the indoor unit.

Ultrasonic compressor speed

An innovation in compressor operation has reduced energy consumption and kept the room temperature constant.

High speed microprocessor

The device carries out accurate calculations and guarantees effective control of the parameters of the climatic equipment.

Meticulous high-frequency controller

Allows the system to run continuously. Provides accurate maintenance of the set parameters and increases the efficiency of device management.

Variable performance

The technology allows the air conditioner to operate in a wide range of performance. This increases the efficiency of the system in different modes and protects the equipment from premature failure.

Safe refrigerant R32

Freon has a low coefficient of potential global warming, does not emit toxic substances that destroy ozone layer. The absence of chlorine in the composition makes the refrigerant safe for the consumer and the environment.

DC Compressor DC

Increases the reliability of equipment and increases its service life. Promotes economical energy consumption.

WI-FI – controller

Allows you to remotely control the air conditioner. You can turn on / off equipment, control energy consumption, make changes to the operating mode. The app is compatible with Android and iOS platforms.

Warranty registration

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Product registration

Thank you for choosing our shop and for your purchase! Here you can register the purchased climate control equipment to receive a 5-year warranty.

Attention! You can find most of the information required for registration on the product packaging.

  • If you cannot fill out the registration form completely, then the official warranty is provided for two years subject to a correctly completed warranty card (attached to the sales receipt during the purchase).
  • You can get a warranty for 5 years, provided that the product is installed by an authorized technician with a personal certificate. You can verify validity of the certificate on the page.

Important! Please note! A prerequisite for the warranty is an annual maintenance performed under a contract concluded by and between you and the technician. Each maintenance performed is recorded in the contract.

    Warranty guide

    We guarantee quality and good performance of our equipment, and absence of defects, subject to observation of the rules of operation and regular maintenance. The warranty takes effect on the day of the product sale, as indicated on the sales receipt. During the warranty period, we deliver all necessary components to the buyer and carry out any repair work if the equipment failure is the manufacturer’s fault. This fact should be confirmed by the official service department.

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    Warranty card

    Types of official guarantee

    2 years

    Official Manufacturer Warranty

    When you purchase a product from an authorized Sensei dealer, you can get a 2-year warranty. An important condition for setting the warranty period is the correct completion of the warranty card and issue of a sales receipt. A 2-year warranty applies to the products:

    • Household/semi-industrial/industrial air conditioners
    • Multisplit systems
    • Heat pumps

    5 years

    Extended Manufacturer Warranty

    A prerequisite for an extended warranty for a product purchased from an authorized Sensei dealer is the correct completion of the warranty card, conclusion of an agreement with an authorized installer, issue a sales receipt and registration on the website. You can get an extended warranty for a period of 5 years for all types of products:

    • Household/semi-industrial/industrial air conditioners
    • Multisplit systems
    • Heat pumps