Sensei Aquilon On-Off series-a new line of wall-mounted split systems

9 December 2020

Non-invertor climate technology is the most durable, multifunctional and cost-effective in operation, if you do not miss the choice and turn to modern models of On-Off air conditioners. Reliable manufacturers are the strength to bring this technology to perfection. Models of split systems from the Sensei Aquilon On-Off line are almost devoid of the disadvantages of outdated types of structures, because the replacement of the existing ones is not necessary their inefficient solutions have been replaced by innovations.

Sensei experts are confident: You will get a lot of pleasure from reliable and functional air conditioners that can not only constantly maintain a comfortable temperature, but also improve the quality of air in the room.

For fans of classic and modern interiors

Strict regular shapes of the indoor unit soften smooth curves on the edges. The predominance of light shades, diluted with accents of dark and chrome inserts — a successful color solution, thanks to which the housing looks organically both in rooms with traditional renovation and decoration style, and in complex modern architectural spaces.

Not only functional, but also outwardly effective solution was the led display located behind the front panel: LED illumination breaks through the plastic, informing the user about the current temperature indicators.

Advanced compressor — for operation in difficult weather conditions

The non-invertor supercharger for the Aquilon On-Off range is supplied by Gree. The Gree compressor is powered by a new generation of R410A freon. The refrigerant is environmentally friendly (it does not destroy the ozone layer of the atmosphere) and has a high specific cooling capacity.

Thanks to the advanced refrigerant and advanced mechanics, the compressor is well-tolerated by temperature differences, so it is suitable for installation in regions with different climatic conditions.

The split system continues to effectively cool in extreme heat on the street (up to + 43°C) and warm in cold spells (up to -7°C). No need to endure the cold at home in the spring and autumn seasons before switching on the Central heating!

Important! Sensei experts do not recommend using split systems of the On-Off category without installing a “winter kit” when the street temperature approaches the critical minus values indicated in the instructions for the equipment. This can lead to freezing of the coolant, overloading of the compressor, premature wear and breakage, and failure of the electronics.

Modes for any occasion

In addition to cooling and heating, Aquilon on-Off split systems are capable of providing air recirculation in rooms with an area of about 65 m2. In this mode, deep filtration is performed, which cleans the air from the smallest dust particles. If the room becomes humid, you can use the dehydration function: moisture will be removed from the air, but the temperature will not change. And there will be no extra electricity consumption!

Low noise level: does not interfere with rest and work

Thanks to the redesigned design, both units emit less noise when operating even under high loads than earlier devices. The internal unit measures 32-41 dB (depending on the model), while the external unit does not exceed the 53 dB threshold in standard modes. Stay focused on work and household chores during the day and sleep well at night!

Manage without getting up from the sofa

A remote control with a built-in display that shows the current parameters is included in the package. In addition to switching the main modes the remote control can be used to start and adjust the following additional options:

  • Timer. Allows you to set the air conditioner’s operating mode in advance. You will not have to wait for a pleasant temperature to set after coming home — just fix the convenient time of switching on and off the device and return immediately to comfortable conditions.
  • Night mode. Turbo/Sleep. With one touch, launch the high-power mode, or, conversely, switch to a sleep-friendly operating schedule.

Additional functions of Sensei Aquilon air conditioners (on-off):

  • Temperature indicator. The indoor unit has an led indicator that displays the air temperature.
  • Auto-Restart Function. Allows you to resume the operation of the split system in the current temperature mode in case of unplanned disconnection of the air conditioner from the power supply.
  • Air recirculation and filtration. The room maintains a comfortable microclimate due to optimal air distribution.
  • Drying (dehydration). This feature allows you to reduce humidity in the room. At the same time, temperature differences are not observed.

Efficient solution

The ratio of cooling capacity to the amount of energy consumed (EER) is 3.18, and the thermal coefficient (COP) is 3.8. Use it without thinking about your electricity bills!

Warranty registration

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Product registration

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    5 years

    Extended Manufacturer Warranty

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    • Household/semi-industrial/industrial air conditioners
    • Multisplit systems
    • Heat pumps