Sensei Elegant Inverter PRO series — a new generation of climate technology

9 December 2020

Human thought produces new ideas and constructs. Some of them are embodied in the Sensei Elegant Inverter PRO series of climate technology. What is their novelty? Let’s consider the features of the latest generation of climate control equipment.

So, let’s start with the design. It is the embodiment of eternal classics with simplicity of execution, refinement of lines and correctness of forms. But only the combination of elegance with energy efficiency, high performance and convenient management has resulted in a perfect high-tech product. It allows you to create conditions under which a person, being indoors, feels the freshness of the morning forest, even when it is stuffy and hot outside the walls of his home.

An led indicator on the front panel shows the operating mode of the unit and the room temperature it creates. In principle, there is no design concept that does not fit the internal elegant Converter module.

What can it do?

Sensei Elegant Inverter PRO series air conditioners can cool, heat and ventilate the air. Thanks to the “Auto” mode, the climate indicators in a particular room are successfully self-adjusted.

Eco-friendly refrigerant

Environmentally friendly and safe freon R32 increases the productivity of the equipment, uses less heat (GWP = 675), so it contributes to less overheating. The system based on it effectively cools the air, while not releasing toxic substances. R32 has a 68% lower global warming potential, which is important for the planet’s ozone layer and the safety of its inhabitants. Sensei experts recommend paying attention to this extremely important feature of the series.

Energy efficiency

Sensei Elegant Inverter PRO air conditioners have a high level of energy efficiency (for cold A++, and for heat A+++). Inverters are economical, in the “heating” mode they consume 0.78 kW of electricity.

Two-stage compressor

Sensei experts are confident in the reliability of the elegant Inverter PRO, the “heart” of which is made by the largest manufacturers of climate equipment companies Mitshubishi, Hitachi and Panasonic. Innovative power control increases the durability of climate technology, making it as silent as possible with a perfect control system.


Sensei Elegant Inverter PRO air conditioners will keep you warm even when the temperature is -20°C outside. The reason is that they are equipped with OS-electric motors and high-performance compressors, as well as their addition with refrigerant injection and intelligent defrosting.


An antibacterial filter works against biological agents. He is also responsible for their complete decontamination. The effect is enhanced by a special coating of blue cobalt Blue-Fin on the heat exchanger of the outdoor module, which has a sterilizing effect on the air flows passing through the air conditioner.

Winter configuration

A set of elements designed to prevent icing on the air conditioner and slow down the fan operation. Thanks to a special heater, the oil inside the compressor remains liquid, which allows the climate technology to start easily and safely. To prevent condensation from freezing and forming an ice cap in winter, the heating function also affects the drainage pipe and the galvanized sump pan.

DC Inverter

A system that provides high energy efficiency and record-breaking durability of climate technology Sensei Elegant Inverter PRO. It reduces the load on the power grid, reduces the level of vibrations and noise, and shortens the period when the specified parameters are reached.

The air flow in the 3-D distribution

Thanks to the automatic swing of the blinds, random changes in fan speed, and three-dimensional distribution of air, the effect of “real wind” is created. Dampers that direct air flows in different directions maintain uniform temperature parameters throughout the room.

Vertical air flow

The blinds can change position in 5 different positions, directing the air flow in five different vertical directions, respectively.

24-hour timer

A function that allows all the parameters of the aggregate to be supported in automatic mode.


The internal module is designed in such a way that the equipment is characterized by super quiet operation. The maximum noise level does not exceed 20 dB. The air conditioner works imperceptibly, but noticeably.

Nano-aqua generator

A structural element of an air conditioner that generates a chemical reaction of splitting water molecules into positively charged hydrogen ions and negatively charged oxygen ions. Ionization of air leads to the death of pathogenic microbes and its complete purification.


If there were problems with the power supply of the air conditioner, then after their elimination, the unit turns on independently, and in the last mode of operation. This is convenient and safe.

Automatic cleaning

In dehumidifying or cooling mode, fast-moving condensate easily removes contamination from the new generation hydrophilic coating.

The Wi-Fi Module

The system can be controlled remotely via the Internet. When a person comes home, they find themselves in ideal conditions, which encourages them to rest after a working day, allows them to recover faster and be ready for new achievements.

Models of the ElegantInverter series


A high-tech product with a full functional filling characteristic of the series. Recommended for cooling / heating of premises up to 25 m in size2. Consumes 0.78 kW of electricity.


More powerful split system with the same characteristics that will warm or refresh the air in the room up to 35 m2.


Wall-mounted unit with a full set of basic and additional functions. Suitable for premises up to 50 m in size2. The power consumption is 1.4 kW.


Split system with the recommended area for heating/cooling of premises up to 65 m2. The air consumption is 1200 m3/hour.

Sensei Elegant Inverter PRO air conditioners are economical appliances, the best in their segment. Tested in practice, recognized by competitors, and approved by users.

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