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9 December 2020

Household air conditioning can and should go beyond the capabilities of a banal electrical appliance to lower the temperature of the air in the room — this is the point of view held by Sensei experts. And as proof, they present the Aquilon Inverter line of inverter air conditioners, which by the number of advanced technologies presented, functionality and usability leave behind analogues from a similar price segment.

We meet you by your clothes

The design of internal and external units is a strong feature of the devices of the series. Correctness, conciseness of the form, glossy surfaces leave a pleasant impression. An additional advantage of such a low-key, restrained beauty is the ability to fit into both the classic and the following fresh trends of design fashion interior.

In the pursuit of aesthetics, designers have not forgotten that the external panels and housing must perform well in the functional load. On the contrary, they have come up with a feature that makes operation very comfortable: behind the easy-to-remove front panel with quick access to components (for maintenance work) the led display is hidden. It looks spectacular and allows you to track the current temperature in real time.

Selecting the location for installing the indoor unit makes it easier to have two-way communication systems connected.

Comfortable microclimate in any weather outside the window

Split systems are able to work for heating and cooling at a wide temperature range: from 15-degree frosts to 43-degree heat. This was achieved by an inverter compressor running on the advanced version of R410A freon. Its operation is controlled by modern electronics combined with a 4-way valve for efficient and economical operation.

The Golden Fin anti-corrosion coating extends the durability of the air conditioner.

At the same time, the external unit emits little noise — thanks to double noise insulation, the indicator is equal to 55 dB.

The inverter split system is equipped with a Gree compressor. This guarantees a long service life even at -15°C outside the window. Thanks to its resistance to temperature fluctuations, the gree inverter compressor is characterized by excellent performance in different climatic conditions.

Configure it as convenient as possible

In addition to the heating and cooling modes, the intensity of which is easy to set thanks to the 5-speed fan of the indoor unit (connected to a DC motor with advanced electronic control), the air conditioners are designed for recirculation. This means that you do not have to lower or increase the temperature in the room in vain, so that the split system cleanses the air and takes away excess moisture from it. It is to solve these problems that filtration and dehydration modes are provided.

Powerful inverter equipment can create a comfortable microclimate on an area of 23 to 70 sq. m.

Manage the weather from a distance

The kit includes a remote controlequipped with a display for monitoring parameters. You can use it not only to enable and configure the main modes, but also to activate useful additional options:

  • Turbo/Sleep. By pressing a single button, the air conditioner can be switched to the maximum productive operation state, so that the temperature in the room quickly reaches the necessary parameters. Or Vice versa-switch to the “Sleep” mode, which creates optimal conditions for relaxation and rest.
  • Timer. Adjust the start and stop times of the air conditioner to your daily schedule! With the timer set, You will not have to return to a cold or sun-warmed house.

Thanks to its ergonomic shape, the remote control fits well in the hand, and the intuitive location of the buttons allows you to confidently control the main options after the first days of use, without looking.

Important details – for the comfort of life

Attention to detail is one of the key features of responsible manufacturers. Sensei takes care of its customers and supplements Aquilon Inverter models with many useful additions:

  • AutoAir technology of 3D (three-dimensional control of the air flow). The best level of indoor air circulation in comparison with competitors, simulating the flow of streams in a real wind.
  • Built-in self-diagnosis and protection system with indication of error codes. Auto-restart is provided – if the problem is not serious or temporary, the system will automatically return to work after solving it and restore user settings.
  • Anticorrosive coating Blue Fin (coating color “cobalt blue”). The internal heat exchanger is reliably protected from moisture and dust. The anti-corrosion coating increases the service life of the split system.
  • Filter with silver ions. Effectively cleanses the air from viruses and bacteria.
  • Reduced noise level. The innovative design of the split system reduces the noise level (in different models, the noise level of the indoor unit ranges from 24 to 33 dB).
  • Automatic defrost function of the heat exchanger. Automatic defrosting of the outdoor unit heat exchanger ensures that no ice forms on the outdoor unit. This ensures a more efficient split system operation.
  • The “Autostart” Function. With this option, the air conditioner will resume its operation in the same temperature mode in case of power outages.

And, of course, the last argument in favor of Aquilon Inverter split systems is energy efficiency. According to COP estimates, it is at 3.36, according to EER coefficients-3.0. Pay less and get more!

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