Remote Wi-Fi control system in SENSEI air conditioners

9 December 2020

How nice, in summer in the heat, when you come home immediately to find yourself in a cool room or in winter in the cold, on the contrary, in warmth and comfort. Today, it is quite possible to remotely control any home device, for example, even a kettle or air conditioning, while controlling the climate in the premises by phone, thanks to access to Wi-Fi networks via the Internet. To do this, you must, at least, have a tablet or smartphone with you. More information about this is available later in the article.

Wi-Fi signal receiver options

Remote control of the air conditioner can be performed in 2 ways:

  • if it has a built-in Wi-Fi module;
  • you can connect an adapter to the model, which is purchased separately.

In reality, manufacturers of very expensive climate technology can boast of the built-in module, which is a sign of the status of a household device. The second extreme is affordable units of Chinese and Korean production, for which you need to purchase a separate Wi-Fi signal receiver.

Most air conditioners have a Wi-Fi plug-in. For those who do not have Wi-Fi in their country house or dacha, you can buy an adapter for an additional fee. To get this function, it used to be enough to mount a device on the inside of the panel in the form of a regular flash card. Today, many manufacturers have a special connector where the usual classic flash memory card is inserted.

Configuring the air conditioner operation via the Internet

Remote control of the air conditioner simplifies the user’s life. The option is simple, easy to install and just as easy to manage. The main thing is to have a Wi-Fi network, the module itself, and the program for managing it.

The app can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website, which address is available in the instructions for climate control equipment. There is also a link to the app in the form of a QR code. For those who are friends with electronic gadgets, and most of them are, downloading the app is a common thing. The program has a simple interface. It can be delved into in a couple of minutes. Those who are not familiar with the topic can watch a video on the relevant topic, try to configure the system yourself, or ask for help from specialists, in particular, Sensei.

The initial setup starts with turning on the air conditioner and configuring the Wi-Fi module using the management program. After maybe:

  • changing the operating mode of climate control equipment;
  • setting the desired temperature;
  • setting up the blinds system;
  • disabling the buzzer on the internal module.

And if you forgot to turn off the air conditioner and went to work, then this can also be done without problems via the Internet.

The app screen displays information about the Wi-Fi network and its power, indoor air temperature and humidity, the weather in the coming days, as well as the performance indicators of the split system itself: the set temperature, the angle of inclination of the blinds, and the fan speed.

Where remote control of climate technology is in demand

The remote control function is especially often used in server rooms, where several air conditioners work at once. To prevent the server from overheating, the temperature is monitored during the day. And at night, when there is no one in the rooms, and the sensor shows an increase in temperature, the only way is to remotely turn on several devices via the Internet at once or control the order of their operation.

Remote climate control is in demand in offices and retail halls to provide comfortable conditions for employees and visitors. This function is used in production, in country houses and cottages.

Wi-Fi module in Sensei climate technology

The latest models of Sensei inverter air conditioners, which are distinguished by their economy, reliability and efficiency, also have a built-in Wi-Fi module that allows remote control of one or more air conditioners. The main thing is to have a tablet, personal computer, Internet connection or smartphone at hand. So, being away from home, you can turn on or off the unit, change its mode of operation, set the desired air temperature in the room.

With Wi-Fi technology, the air conditioner can operate on a daily or weekly schedule.

With the Wi-Fi module, Sensei climate technology provides a higher level of comfort and is convenient to use. Wi-Fi module is available in all series of Sensei air conditioners. It allows you to control power consumption, as well as communicate with climate equipment, saving time and resources of the user, improving the conditions of his work and living.

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