Dynamic development course

From the first day of its existence, Sensei has been steadily pursuing a course of development. Continuous product improvement and technical renewal has become a powerful catalyst. At our enterprise, the main goal was to create such an air conditioner that would combine:

  • environmental friendliness;
  • energy efficiency;
  • ease of use;
  • innovative solutions.

Thanks to the work of technical departments and an independent laboratory, the company coped with this task.

Elegant Inverter PRO

This is how the Elegant Inverter PRO line was born – a novelty with maximum performance and sophisticated design. The models in the series have different heating and cooling levels. Designed for residential and commercial use.

Elegant Inverter PRO air conditioners have won the title of “Best HVAC Equipment” in a specific market segment because:

  • heat rooms at ─20 ° C;
  • quickly reach the set parameters;
  • have a minimum noise level (up to 19 dB);
  • give out an air flow resembling normal wind;
  • consume a minimum of electricity (with heating 0.78 kW);
  • Plasma ion generator retains and deactivates dust, bacteria and viruses, saturating the air with active beneficial charged particles (ions).

Air conditioners, depending on the room temperature, independently adjust the necessary parameters. Each model has a timer.
The used refrigerant Eco-freon R32 is safe for the environment and humans, does not emit toxic substances, effectively cools, creating a healthy indoor climate even in remote mode.

Sensei is a combination of innovative technologies, guaranteed quality and affordable prices — the main factors that predetermine sustainable demand.

Possessing a wide range of models, well-functioning logistics and service, the company fully meets the needs of Ukrainian and world customers.

Warranty registration

  • Product registration
  • Warranty guide
Product registration

Thank you for choosing our shop and for your purchase! Here you can register the purchased climate control equipment to receive a 5-year warranty.

Attention! You can find most of the information required for registration on the product packaging.

  • If you cannot fill out the registration form completely, then the official warranty is provided for two years subject to a correctly completed warranty card (attached to the sales receipt during the purchase).
  • You can get a warranty for 5 years, provided that the product is installed by an authorized technician with a personal certificate. You can verify validity of the certificate on the page.

Important! Please note! A prerequisite for the warranty is an annual maintenance performed under a contract concluded by and between you and the technician. Each maintenance performed is recorded in the contract.

    Warranty guide

    We guarantee quality and good performance of our equipment, and absence of defects, subject to observation of the rules of operation and regular maintenance. The warranty takes effect on the day of the product sale, as indicated on the sales receipt. During the warranty period, we deliver all necessary components to the buyer and carry out any repair work if the equipment failure is the manufacturer’s fault. This fact should be confirmed by the official service department.

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    Warranty card

    Types of official guarantee

    2 years

    Official Manufacturer Warranty

    When you purchase a product from an authorized Sensei dealer, you can get a 2-year warranty. An important condition for setting the warranty period is the correct completion of the warranty card and issue of a sales receipt. A 2-year warranty applies to the products:

    • Household/semi-industrial/industrial air conditioners
    • Multisplit systems
    • Heat pumps

    5 years

    Extended Manufacturer Warranty

    A prerequisite for an extended warranty for a product purchased from an authorized Sensei dealer is the correct completion of the warranty card, conclusion of an agreement with an authorized installer, issue a sales receipt and registration on the website. You can get an extended warranty for a period of 5 years for all types of products:

    • Household/semi-industrial/industrial air conditioners
    • Multisplit systems
    • Heat pumps