Floor-to-ceiling air conditioners SUC-60HSO
Cooling: 16,0 кВт /
Heating: 18,0 кВт
Short description of the series
Floor-to-ceiling air conditioners are perfect for the premises where it is impossible to mount the climate control equipment on the wall. They combine all capabilities of modern split systems and help you to use the room space wisely. SENSEI floor-to-ceiling devices traditionally feature the best characteristics: reliability, modern and stylish design, high quality and performance.
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Series description


SENSEI floor-to-ceiling air conditioners are the examples of production effectiveness, reliability, and flawless construction. The systems operate in heating, cooling, recirculation and dehydration modes. These modes allow for creating and maintaining a comfortable microclimate, filling the room with clean fresh air.

The devices are equipped with a powerful compressor from the world famous brands (Mitsubishi, GMCC). It operates on safe R410A freon gas, which neither emits any toxic substances nor pollutes the environment. Small size of the indoor unit makes it possible to fit it into small rooms and use free space efficiently.

Scope of use

Floor-to-ceiling models can be installed in residential and public premises. They are used for air conditioning in offices, shops, apartments and private houses. These are universal models in the split systems segment with a large scope of use.

Delivery set

Split systems consist of indoor and outdoor units. The delivery set includes a remote control unit.


Main advantages

Stylish design
Stylish design of an indoor unit naturally fits into various interior design concepts.
Universal installation
Depending on the room configuration, you can choose any place to locate the air conditioner. The systems can be mounted on the ceiling or wall, in a bay or under a window.
The device is efficient enough to ensure air conditioning in several rooms at once.
Remote control
A remote control unit makes it easier to control the system, allows for setting the operating modes, regulate the room temperature from a long distance.
Uniformity and smoothness
Even distribution of air masses and gradual cooling/heating.
Economical energy consumption
Economical energy consumption and efficient operation at different outdoor temperatures.

Technical parameters

Power parameters of indoor unit V-ph-Hz 380-415-3-50
Max power consumed W 8234
Max current consumed A 16,6
Performance (min~max) W 16000
Power consumed W 5694
Current consumed A 10
EER energy efficiency W/W 2,81
Performance (min~max) W 18000
Power consumed W 5814
Current consumed A 10,3
COP energy efficiency W/W 3,10
Air consumption (max/medium/min) m3/h 2000/1800/1600
Air consumption (CFM) 1176/1058/941
Noise level of indoor unit (max/medium/min) dB(A) 53/52/50
Indoor unit
Dimensions (WxHxD) mm 1580x680x230
Dimensions with package (WxHxD) mm 1690x820x350
Weight/with package kg 46/54
Design pressure (H/L) MPa 4.15/1.5
Drainage pipe diameter mm DΦ25
Control IR remote control unit
Working temperature ℃ 16~30
Room temperature
Cooling ℃ 16~30
Heating ℃ 16~30
Model ATE650SC3Q9JK
Manufacturer HIGHLY
Noise level (noise pressure) of outdoor unit dB(A) 58
Expander Capillary
Outdoor unit
Dimensions (WxDxH) mm 950x1386x340
Dimensions with package (WxHxD) mm 1110x1530x460
Weight/with package kg 106/116
Cooling agent/Amount
Type R410A
Filling up volume kg 3,10
Design pressure (H/L) MPa 4.15/1.5
Pipe diameter
Liquid/Gas mm(inch) Φ9.52/Φ19.05(3/8"/3/4")
Max mains length m 50
Max level difference m 30
Operating temperature range
Cooling ℃ -15~43
Heating ℃ -10~24

Warranty registration

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Product registration

Thank you for choosing our shop and for your purchase! Here you can register the purchased climate control equipment to receive a 5-year warranty.

Attention! You can find most of the information required for registration on the product packaging.

  • If you cannot fill out the registration form completely, then the official warranty is provided for two years subject to a correctly completed warranty card (attached to the sales receipt during the purchase).
  • You can get a warranty for 5 years, provided that the product is installed by an authorized technician with a personal certificate. You can verify validity of the certificate on the page.

Important! Please note! A prerequisite for the warranty is an annual maintenance performed under a contract concluded by and between you and the technician. Each maintenance performed is recorded in the contract.

Warranty guide

We guarantee quality and good performance of our equipment, and absence of defects, subject to observation of the rules of operation and regular maintenance. The warranty takes effect on the day of the product sale, as indicated on the sales receipt. During the warranty period, we deliver all necessary components to the buyer and carry out any repair work if the equipment failure is the manufacturer’s fault. This fact should be confirmed by the official service department.

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Warranty card

Types of official guarantee

2 years

Official Manufacturer Warranty

When you purchase a product from an authorized Sensei dealer, you can get a 2-year warranty. An important condition for setting the warranty period is the correct completion of the warranty card and issue of a sales receipt. A 2-year warranty applies to the products:

  • Household/semi-industrial/industrial air conditioners
  • Multisplit systems
  • Heat pumps

5 years

Extended Manufacturer Warranty

A prerequisite for an extended warranty for a product purchased from an authorized Sensei dealer is the correct completion of the warranty card, conclusion of an agreement with an authorized installer, issue a sales receipt and registration on the website. You can get an extended warranty for a period of 5 years for all types of products:

  • Household/semi-industrial/industrial air conditioners
  • Multisplit systems
  • Heat pumps