Aquilon Inverter R32 SAC-09MBWS/I


Cooling: 2.61 (0.50~3.00) кВт /
Heating: 2.82 (0.50~3.20) кВт
Short description of the series
Split-systems of the Aquilon Inverter R32 SAC-09MBWS / I series are created for those who appreciate modern minimalistic design. The models combine conciseness and functionality. The series includes air conditioners with different power ratings, among which you can choose an option for rooms of any size. Split systems Aquilon Inverter R32 SAC-09MBWS / I facilitate the process of climate control and do not overload the interior.
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Преимущества серии AQUILONSAC-MBWS

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Laconicism, correctness of forms, restraint are the key features of the collection. Models of the series will be an ideal addition to any interior design, complementing classic and modern stylistic trends. The “highlight” of the model is the LED indication, which shines through the plastic front panel during the operation of the split system.


The split-systems of the series are equipped with a GREE LANDA non-inverter compressor operating on a safe and highly efficient R410A freon. The device operates in the temperature range from -15 to + 43 ° C. The compressor is resistant to temperature fluctuations and demonstrates excellent performance in different climatic conditions.


Air conditioners of the AQUILON SAC-MBWS/I series have several operating modes: heating, cooling and recirculation. Additional functions: air filtration, dehydration, restart, energy saving mode, function of cleaning the indoor unit from condensation. This optional set allows you to maintain a comfortable microclimate in rooms ranging from 25 to 70 sq. m.


The system is controlled by a remote control with a display to control the parameters.

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Main advantages

Wi-Fi module
You can regulate the operation of air conditioners through electronic devices. The apps are compatible with iOS and Android platforms. Remote control will allow you to prepare comfortable conditions for your arrival and control energy consumption.
Low noise and compressor noise
Innovative design reduces noise generation
Ergonomic remote control
The package includes a remote control for convenient remote control of the system
Temperature LED indicator
The indoor unit is equipped with an LED indicator that displays the air temperature
Turbo / Sleep Mode
Sleep comfort or system power boost with one button
Setting the timer
You can set system start / shutdown time
Operating temperature range
The air conditioner operates in heating / cooling mode at a temperature of -15 - + 43 ° С
Power saving mode
The air conditioner enters the energy saving mode by pressing the "Eco" button.
Cleaning / heating
The "Clean / Eheating" function cleans the air conditioner from condensation, preventing the formation of mold.
Auto defrost
In order to avoid icing of the outdoor unit and, as a consequence, its breakdown, the auto defrosting system is automatically turned on (for 5-10 minutes the air conditioner operates in cooling mode without turning on the indoor unit fan, from which the heat exchanger of the outdoor unit heats up and thaws).

Technical parameters

Construction split-system
Indoor unit wall-mounted
Compressor type inverter, rotary Panasonic
Basic modes heating, cooling, ventilation, automatics, dehumidification
Recommended room area 25 m²
Wi-Fi +
Remote control remote control unit
Consumed power cold/heat 0.795/0.685 kW
Power in cooling mode 2.61 (0.50~3.00) kW
Power in heating mode 2.82 (0.50~3.20) kW
Freon gas type (cooling agent) R32
Power supply 220-240 В ~/50 Гц to the indoor unit
Air consumption 550 m³/h
LCD display +
Additional functions Auto restart
Air filtration
Dehumidification (dehydration)
energy efficiency EER 6.15
energy efficiency COP 4.11
Indoor unit noise level 28/31/35/39 dB
Outdoor unit noise level 50 dB
Indoor unit color white
Pipe diameter, mm Ø6.35/Ø9.53 (1/4” 3/8”)
Max level difference, m 5
Max mains length, m 15
Permissible operating temperature range for outdoor air heating/cooling, °C -15 ~ +24 /+16 ~ +48
Indoor unit dimensions
Height 29,0 cm
Width 70,0 cm
Depth 19,0 cm
Indoor unit weight 8 kg
Dimensions of the outdoor unit
Height 52,0 cm
Width 72,0cm
Depth 25,5 cm
Outdoor unit weight 29,0 kg
Distance between the screws securing the outdoor unit 535 mm
Packing dimensions
Indoor unit (WxDxH) 78.0х28.5х37.5 cm
Outdoor unit (WxDxH) 84.0х34.0х60.5 cm

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