HL Inverter SAC-09HSWH/I


Cooling: 2.6 (1,6-3,3) кВт кВт /
Heating: 2.8 (1,6-3,3) кВт кВт
Short description of the series
The line of HL Inverter SENSEI PRO air conditioners is a new generation of climate control equipment intended to create an oasis of freshness and cleanliness at your home. Rounded shapes, chrome elements, LED indication individuate the indoor unit design. It is able to supplement any interior design concept. It is a perfect solution for classic and modern stylistic trends.
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Advantages of split systems of HL Inverter SENSEI PRO line

Video review

Video review

The climate control equipment of HL Inverter line combines all advantages of inverter technology: low level of noise, efficiency, quick achievement of the set parameters. Original design of the indoor unit with smooth lines and chrome-coated inserts allows to use the device as an attractive element of interior design. You create your own oasis and monitor it with the remote control.


To create a comfortable microclimate, HL Inverter air conditioners feature several operating modes: cooling, heating, ventilation and dehydration. The system has a built-in sensor that adjusts the parameters required for a particular room. The main functions of the devices: timer, sleep mode, auto cleaning, plasma air cleaning.

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Main advantages

Energy efficiency
Split systems of HL Inverter line have a seasonal energy efficiency of high class A (A ++/heat A +). Inverter technology has improved the equipment performance and reduced power consumption by 40-50% as compared to conventional on/off models.
Heating at subzero temperatures
The air conditioner operates in heating mode with the outdoor temperature of up to -15 °C. The system provides for a warm start. A two-stage compressor and electric motors, intelligent defrosting technology and freon gas injection ensured the device operation in the winter season.
DC Inverter
DC Inverter is a new generation technology aimed to improve the performance. The system operates in a silent mode, quickly achieves the set parameters, reduces the load on the power line and the electricity consumption.
4-D Auto Air
4-D flow distribution technology creates a comfortable microclimate and maintains air parameters across the room. Heating or cooling is carried out evenly. The system creates the effect of constant air movement.
Plasma cleaning system
The device synthesizes ions that interact with viruses, bacteria, dust. Cold Plasma technology purifies the air from harmful substances, dust particles and unpleasant odors. Air flow is enriched with active ions that benefit human health.
Optional Wi-Fi module
This function allows to control the system with a smartphone/tablet PC. You can adjust the settings remotely and monitor operation of the split system.
4-in-1 filter
ULTRA Hi Density filtration technology effectively removes viruses and bacteria from the air. In addition to the main filter, the air flows pass through a carbon filter (Active Carbon), high purification HEPA filter, and Negative Ion filter. This ‘path’ allows to neutralize the smallest particles of dust, allergens, pollen, bacteria and eliminate unpleasant odors.
Noise level
Innovative design of the indoor unit, optimized design of the fan and air duct have reduced the noise level to 26 dB. This allows to enjoy not only a comfortable microclimate, but silence as well.
I Feel technology
The remote control has a built-in sensor that measures the temperature in the room. The readings are transmitted to the indoor unit. The system automatically selects the necessary microclimate parameters for a particular room.
Double heat exchanger
Protects the outdoor unit from low temperatures, maximizes its service life. Provides effective air cooling and extends compressor operation.
Cooling agent leak indication
When a freon gas leak is detected, the system automatically changes the operation mode and regulates the temperature regime, thus minimizing the chances of an air conditioner failure.
Blue Fin coating
Special coating of the heat exchanger increases heating efficiency, resistance to corrosive processes, accelerates the defrosting process in the cold season.
Display illumination on the remote control
The remote control has a large, easy-to-use display with illumination. This simplifies the microclimate adjustment at night.
Auto defrost
In order to avoid icing of the outdoor unit and, as a consequence, its breakdown, the auto defrosting system is automatically turned on (for 5-10 minutes the air conditioner operates in cooling mode without turning on the indoor unit fan, from which the heat exchanger of the outdoor unit heats up and thaws).

Technical parameters

Construction split system
Indoor unit wall-mounted
Compressor type GMCC ASM89D18UFZ inverter, rotary
Basic modes heating, cooling, recirculation, dehydration
Recommended room area 25 m²
Remote control Remote control unit with illumination, wifi (optional)
Consumed power cold/heat 0.765(0,4-1,25)/0,715(0,44-1,3) kW
Power in cooling mode 2.6 (1,6-3,3) kW
Power in heating mode 2.8 (1,6-3,3) kW
Freon gas type (cooling agent) R410A
Power supply 220-240 V ~/50 Hz for outdoor unit
Air consumption 500 m³/h
LCD display +
Additional functions 24-hour timer
Sleep mode
Smart mode
I-FEEL function
Super mode
Two-sided mounting
3 speed and automatic outdoor fan control (DC motor)
Horizontal and vertical Auto Swing
Dimmer Super
Silence mode (19 dB)
Technical heating 8 ᵒС
5-stage and automatic indoor fan speed control (DC motor)
WIFI Ready Ag ions filter Gold Plasm system
EER energy efficiency 3,4/6,1
COP energy efficiency 3,92/4,0
Indoor unit noise level 39/38/36/34/33/26 dB
Outdoor unit noise level 55 dB
Indoor unit color white
Pipe diameter, mm Ø6.35/Ø9.53 (1/4"/3/8")
Max level difference, m 5
Max mains length, m 15
Permissible operating temperature range for outdoor air heating/cooling, °C -15 ~ +24 /-15 ~ +43
Indoor unit dimensions
Height 27,0 cm
Width 85,5 cm
Depth 20,8 cm
Indoor unit weight 8,5 kg
Outdoor unit dimensions
Height 48,2 cm
Width 71,5 cm
Depth 24,0 cm
Outdoor unit weight 28,0 kg
Package dimensions
Indoor unit (WxDxH) 90,0х26,0х33,5 cm
Outdoor unit (WxDxH) 83,0х31,5х53,0 cm

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