Multisplit systems – an excellent choice for large premises

7 December 2020

Multi-split systems: a godsend for owners of premises with a large area

For one reason, in summer, residents of apartments with 3 or more rooms have a hard time: household air conditioners are designed to cool only one room. Therefore, you have to save yourself from the heat by constantly staying in one place and risking catching a cold due to temperature differences when “traveling” to other rooms. Of course, the solution can be to install several split systems at once, but this method has more cons than pros.

Sensei experts recommend another solution: install a multi-split system! This type of climate control equipment is also recommended for owners and tenants of commercial premises (catering companies, supermarkets and shopping centers, production halls, coworking spaces, offices).

Multisplit system-what is it?

The most common type of air conditioning is a split system consisting of one external (located outside the premises) and one internal (located inside the building) unit. They are connected by electrical cables, a refrigerant pipe and a drainage pipe.

The multi-split system is a developed version of this scheme. There is only one outdoor unit, but there are several external units at once.

For ease of understanding, Sensei experts suggest seeing the difference through a simple comparison: in a split system, the external unit can be represented as a single outlet, which is connected to a single electrical appliance. A multi-split system in this case is an extension cable or network filter that can support the operation of several devices simultaneously. With it, a comfortable microclimate will be maintained in all rooms.


The cost of organizing a multi-split system will cost an amount comparable to purchasing the same number of conventional air conditioners. Where are the advantages? Sensei experts have selected 5 weighty arguments.

1. Maintaining a holistic view of the facade.

A few unevenly distributed plain rectangular structures along the wall plane will spoil the most ingenious architectural design. One neat block, where you can choose a special place, will less damage the aesthetics.

2. Efficiency.

The power consumption level of a networked combination of electrical equipment is lower. The utility costs will be reduced.

3. Easy coordination with municipal services.

In many cities, there are internal standards that do not allow you to make changes to the appearance of the structure. This issue is particularly acute if You are located within the historical center of a locality. It will be much easier to get permission to install a single enclosure, rather than a whole pile.

4. Low noise level.

The functioning of a single compressor will not cause much discomfort. In some cases, you can move the outdoor unit to the area of the facade behind which the utility rooms and bathrooms are located. Then the noise from the compressor running will not reach the ears of people in the building at all.

5. Do not need a lot of free space.

Balconies, Windows, decorative elements-all this occupies the plane of the facade, leaving no unoccupied space for installation. But you can almost always find a site for placing a single device.

Range of features and capabilities

When selecting a set of climatic equipment, you should start from:

  • Area of premises. The range includes assemblies with a capacity of 4 kW, which will be enough for a confident coverageof 40 m2. There will be no problems with purchasing real monsters that can cool the air in huge complexes.
  • The number and type of internal blocks being implemented (channel blocks, cluster blocks). Here you need the participation of professionals: they will select the necessary number of nodes that combine with each other with the necessary power.
  • The length of the refrigerant route. And again-no place without a Pro. The permissible pipeline length is calculated depending on the compressor parameters.


Each technology has its own drawbacks. In the case of multi-split systems, this is:

  • Limit on the length of refrigerant lines. The maximum distance is 15 meters. You will not be able to draw a line over a longer distance while maintaining functionality.
  • Limited number of internal ad blocks. No more than 10 (found in advanced complexes).
  • The system does not produce ventilation. It does not allow fresh air to enter the building from outside.
  • General mode of operation. It is not possible to set separate room settings when using a classic multi-split system: the combination will work either for cooling or heating.

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