Installation of residential and commercial inverter air conditioners

9 December 2020

Professional installation of any air conditioner, especially an inverter, is the first condition for its long-term and trouble-free operation, since in 8 out of 10 cases of breakdowns of climate technology, the reason is associated with violations in the performance of installation work. The installation can be performed by a specialist who has the appropriate experience, knowledge, skills and has a full set of necessary tools. The information provided in this article will help the owner of the air conditioner to understand and evaluate the actions of installers. The idea of self-installation is best abandoned immediately.

Choosing a location for an inverter air conditioner

When choosing a location, installers proceed from the model of climate equipment, discuss all issues with the customer, offer solutions, and justify their actions. Here it is important to observe several points:

  • The indoor unit should not be adjacent to the ceiling (the minimum distance between the surfaces should be 10 cm, from the floor to the air conditioner at least 2 m). It is better to mount an outdoor unit in an easily accessible area, for example, near a window, so that you can easily reach it if necessary without having to call a tow truck.
  • For an indoor unit, a wall with a window will do. However, the distance to the outdoor module should not exceed 5 m. The internal module is mounted higher than the external one, observing the angle of inclination, which can vary from 3 to 5°. This will allow the condensate to flow freely down the tube. If the internal module is installed correctly, leaks and other problems are avoided.
  • One hole is provided for the drainage tube and the freon line.
  • The wall thickness between the modules (external and internal) should not exceed 80 cm.
  • When installing the inverter properly, the installer connects the system using the plug and standard cable provided by the manufacturer.
  • To mask communications, you can use plastic boxes.

Inverter air conditioners are low-noise, so the internal module can be installed even in the bedroom. The main thing is that there are no strong air flows and drafts, which will interfere with the operation of climate technology.

The kitchen, as a room where there are sharp temperature changes, is not suitable for the inverter, since the device will have to work in high-power mode.

According to Sensei experts, installing an inverter air conditioner in a restaurant, gym or office is not practical. Heating or cooling will take a long time. A conventional split system will be the optimal solution, including for industrial premises.

The standard installation of an inverter air conditioner lasts about 4 hours. In non-standard cases, you will need more time, sometimes the services of climbers, the use of a car lift.

When carrying out construction and repair works, a 2-stage installation of an inverter air conditioner is provided. First, the power cable, drainage tube and freon line are laid (sometimes the outdoor module is also installed). The indoor unit is installed at the end of construction and repair works. This method is chosen by homeowners who prefer hidden installation of inter-unit communications.

Correct installation of the outdoor module

When installing an external ad block, a number of factors are taken into account, including the main ones:

  • protection from weather conditions, vandalism and other negative external influences;
  • possibility of free access to parts of the split system;
  • material and construction of the wall selected for installation of equipment;
  • obstacles that interfere with the natural movement of air;
  • the position of the wall in relation to the sun.

And, of course, the weight of the climate equipment to be fixed.

Proper installation of the indoor unit

When installing an internal module, it is important to keep in mind:

  • availability and location of the nearest heat sources;
  • unrestricted movement of air flow, as well as the absence of people in it.

Professionals for the installation of tracks choose copper tubes. There are no microcracks in them, which means that freon leaks are excluded, which often happens when using cheap tubes. Heavy-duty reinforced tubes are also used for drainage. An industrial vacuum cleaner is used for shtroblenie. It ensures the cleanliness of installation work.

An inverter air conditioner is a serious competitor to modern heaters, but only if properly installed by craftsmen who have done this operation many times, have the appropriate qualifications, rich experience, all the necessary tools and guarantees the quality of their work.

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