Cold plasma technology — a modern method of air purification

9 December 2020

Modern air conditioners are gaining more and more new functions. Along with cooling, heating and humidifying the air, they disinfect it, purify it from various pollutants and impurities. The most effective in this regard are air conditioners with plasma filters, which remove more than 95% of particles of organic and mineral origin. They use “cold plasma” technology. Let’s look at the essence of the method, how the process of air purification occurs and whether it is worth overpaying for an air conditioner, if the seller claims that it is the best that there is today on the market of climate equipment.

Cold plasma physics

Air purification begins with rough filtration, which detains large dust particles, down, wool, etc.

The plasma generator is already part of the fine-tuning system. It relieves the air of microparticles, substances that provoke allergic reactions, and also have an unpleasant smell. This happens at a high voltage of about 5000 V. Passing through the electric field, particles of conventionally “polluted air” acquire a positive electric charge. Once in the deeper layers of the filter, where there are negatively charged elements, they are mutually attracted, reset the charge and remain in neutral form on the plasma filter, and the most purified air leaves the air conditioner.

After an hour of operation of the air conditioner, no trace of odors remains. After 10 minutes, viruses are neutralized, bacterial cell membranes are destroyed, especially DNA molecules, after which microorganisms lose their ability to reproduce. Organic matter is oxidized to form water and carbon dioxide. Moisture enters the drainage system and is removed from the split system.

Once again, we will outline the main stages of the “cold plasma” technology»:

  • Generation of high voltage of the order of 5000 V with the release of protons and oxygen anions.
  • Hydrogen shares its positive charge and “surrounds” the pollutants.
  • Electrons that have a negative charge attract polluting particles.
  • The product of these reactions is “cold plasma”. It disrupts the natural structure of protein sheaths in the DNA of virions and other microbes, forms water and molecular oxygen — the main component of air.

Formaldehyde and nicotine are also broken down.

Advantage of technology

Here is a list of advantages of the method:

  • The technology is environmentally friendly, characterized by low energy consumption.
  • Climate technology with a plasma module does not need additional filters. It copes with both cleansing and bactericidal functions. Other filters require parallel operation in a bundle.
  • When the plasma generator is running, no magnetic field is generated that can harm the device.
  • Thanks to the cold plasma, much less dust settles on furniture and other surfaces.
  • Plasma technology copes with 95% of pathogenic microbes in 30 minutes. The catechin filter has the same bactericidal power, but for such a result, it needs to work for at least 5-6 hours.
  • Being cold, plasma does not have a damaging effect on elements made of thermosensitive materials.

Sensei experts believe that over time, the efficiency of cold plasma does not decrease, while other filters wear out and purify the air less efficiently.

Who is particularly useful for an air conditioner with a plasma generator

Climate technology based on “cold plasma” technology can be useful for the following categories of users:

  • families with young children, because the latter are not yet immune;
  • for pet owners to get rid of ticks, epithelial cells and animal hair;
  • users with diagnoses of “asthma” or “Allergy”.

An air conditioner with “Cold plasma” technology will serve almost all users well, reducing the risks of infection with infectious diseases. Of course, this is not a 100% guarantee that no one will get infected or get sick, but in the period of epidemics, even this insurance will not be superfluous. The technology will also help people suffering from headaches, if they are associated with oxygen starvation, because it constantly feeds the air with oxygen.

According to Sensei experts, air conditioners based on cold plasma will soon completely replace their mechanical counterparts and will cope with pollutants that are not within their capabilities.

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