Advantages of Sensei Nordic Inverter series air conditioners

9 December 2020

Today, it is difficult to even imagine how for a couple of decades in the former Soviet Union people managed without air conditioning, contenting themselves with ceiling or table fans. The modern consumer wants to have not just an air conditioner, but a multifunctional device that solves a lot of tasks, among the main ones:

  • cooling;
  • heating;
  • clearing the air, its moisture, or, on the contrary, drainage;
  • ionization and even oxygen enrichment.

Sensei Nordic Inverter split systems practically meet all these requirements, but the consumer has the right to know in detail about the advantages and disadvantages of the series, in order to make an informed choice if necessary. And our task is to tell about them without exaggeration and embellishment.

Pros of the Sensei Nordic Inverter series

Sensei Nordic Inverter air conditioners feature a rich set of options. They can ventilate, heat and, of course, cool the air inside the premises. The devices are equipped with self-cleaning functions, timer, automatic selection of climate indicators, inverter control, night mode of operation.

All models of the series are equipped with Toshiba GMCC compressors. This is a productive and efficient technique in which, thanks to innovative technological solutions, the power of equipment is controlled, its durability increases, and control systems are improved. An air conditioner with such a compressor creates a healthy microclimate in the premises, regardless of the temperature outside.

Complex air purification system

The system includes 4 fine filters:

  • Catechin, which removes dust, odors, and other microparticles. Catechin is a natural antiviral and antibacterial substance. Envelops viral particles and prevents them from attaching to plasma membranes and infecting cells. Catechin filtration eliminates 98% of viruses, and also ensures the absorption of tobacco smoke and fine dust.
  • AG silver ion filter+, which have a bactericidal effect.
  • A filter that sprays ascorbic acid (vitamin C) to boost immunity and improve skin condition.
  • Hepa-filter that eliminates pneumobacilli, pollen, the smallest dust, as well as healing and purifying air.

ULTRA Hi Density

The filtration system of the new generation. Removes 90% of organic and mineral microparticles. It is cleaned under running water.

Cold plasma technology»

This technology prevents the spread of infections, as viruses and bacteria are deactivated by plasma cleaning, and dust and unpleasant odors are removed.

Sensei experts believe that with such a cleaning system, pathogens have no chance to harm humans.


The series is compatible with Android and iOS. The operation of air conditioners can be regulated via electronic devices. They will also help to control energy consumption and prepare the premises for the moment of arrival of the household.


A set of technologies aimed at improving the energy efficiency and productivity of climate technology. Minimize vibration and noise levels. Thanks to the high-performance 360dc inverter, the set parameters (fast heating/cooling) are achieved much faster, simultaneously reducing the load on the power grid.

Thanks to the 180° sine wave control technology, the unit operates more efficiently, stably and for longer. The air conditioner does not need frequent maintenance, it is more reliable, thanks to the 3-DC Inverter technology. Low-frequency rotation force compensation guarantees energy-saving and precise temperature control. Control of the frequency, which varies widely from 10 to 150 HZ, provides a clear control over the functioning of the air conditioner and its continuous operation.

Heating function when outside -25°C

In the bitter cold, when the winter is in full swing and the temperature has dropped to -25°C, you can turn on any air conditioner of the Sensei Nordic Inverter series and get a comfortable atmosphere for living. Dual heat exchanger, EVR-valve, electric pallet heater, freon injection-innovations that provide a “warm start” and “heating” function, prevent corrosion and increase the efficiency of the air conditioner.

At the same time, inverters can be cooled at -15°C to maintain the desired temperature in special rooms.

Important, according to Sensei experts, function-duty heating mode + 8°C will save the house from freezing when the owner is far from home.


A special type of coating on the surface of the heat exchanger for more efficient heating, resistance to various factors that cause oxidation of metal elements, in particular, salt air, excessive humidity, etc.

Powerful seven-fold anti-corrosion protection of the outdoor unit, extending the service life of climate technology. It consists of a steel matrix made of a special type of alloy, coated with two layers of zinc and ceramic paint. If the refrigerant leaks, there is an automatic stop of the internal module.

The control Board operates normally even at + 85°C. It is protected from lizards, rodents and insects by a sealed electrical junction box.


This is the name of a technology that ensures constant movement of air, its uniform heating and cooling to create maximum comfort.

Comfortable sleep with an individual approach

The sleep mode, as well as the temperature curve, can be normal, for children, teenagers, and the elderly.

The unit can be switched on and operate efficiently at 150 V, thanks to PFC control technology.

Problems are resolved faster with a self-diagnosis and protection system that works in real time and clearly displays fault codes.


The remote has a sensor that measures the temperature of the air in its location and transmits data to the internal module. Based on the information received, the system adjusts itself to create and maintain a healthy microclimate not in the entire room, but in a specific part of it, where the person is located. Tom just needs to leave the remote next to him, and the air conditioner will do everything by itself.

Quiet operation mode

The air flow is optimized so that the split system emits noise that does not exceed 16 dB. Perfect silence is also promoted by the special design of the air duct and fan.

Sensei Nordic Inverter series models


Cooling/heating class: A+++/A++. When cooling consumes 2.6 kW, when heating-3.0 kW.


Cooling/heating class: A+++/A++. While cooling consumes 3.5 kW when the heater is 4.8 kW.


Cooling/heating class: A+++/A++. When heated, the consumption is 5.0 kW, when cooled-5.6 kW.


The heaviest and most powerful model of the series with a++/A++cooling/heating class. It has the highest indicators of cold and heat productivity, respectively 7000/7200 W.

Sensei Nordic Inverter series air conditioners are the highest class of energy efficiency. For heat A++, for cold A+++ with savings of up to 50% of the electricity consumed, but with high functionality and performance. Some too perfect they turned out — split systems Sensei Nordic Inverter, but they really are.

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