Advanced inverter technologies

7 December 2020

Energy saving is a problem that climate technology manufacturers have been working on for years to solve. They are under pressure, on the one hand, from consumers who want to buy energy – efficient appliances, and on the other-from strict world standards. The positive result of this double impact was the inverter technology. It allows you to save up to 40% of the electricity consumed and extend the service life of climate equipment by 30-50%.

Basis of technology

In the new generation of air conditioners, there is a compressor with adjustable power. In practice, this looks like this: when the set temperature is reached, this unit does not switch off as usual, but switches to a lower power and maintains the set temperature mode.

The technology is based on reciprocal steps:

  1. Alternating current is converted (inverted) to direct current, which is brought to certain values of voltage and current strength.
  2. Then it is inverted to a variable again.

This ensures continuous operation of the modulated power compressor.

In conventional air conditioners, the process occurs as in refrigerators, that is, when the desired temperature is reached, the unit is switched off. After 15-20 minutes, there is an increase in temperature, and the air conditioner turns on again. This is accompanied by temperature spikes, large starting loads on the network and the compressor itself. It suffers from such jumps, since it has to work in a high-load mode when starting up. In addition, when the unit is idle, there are problems with lubrication, it becomes insufficient.

With the inverter, such troubles are excluded. The air conditioner does not switch off, but continues to work in the optimal mode for itself, while not making any noise. When the readings increase by 1°C, the compressor accelerates slightly, and its power potential increases. This way, the room maintains the required temperature at different power levels. The inverter creates a comfortable living environment 2 times faster than traditional air conditioners, since the choice of optimal power is automatic.

Other design features of inverters

The inverter air conditioner is characterized by optimal energy consumption, which means that it is environmentally friendly. No matter how many people there are in the room, the temperature in it will remain at a constant level, since the power output will be precisely adjusted by the system.

Inverter technologies continue to develop and improve. There are systems that track not 1, but 2 factors, that is, along with temperature, a new generation of equipment evaluates the relative humidity of the air, both inside and outside the room. This ensures maximum comfort in the room and optimal efficiency of climate control equipment.

A distinctive feature of inverter air conditioners is the presence of the I FEEL function. In this mode, the temperature is measured not by the sensor in the indoor unit, but by the sensor that is located in the remote control panel. This technology is extremely clever. The system maintains the set temperature parameters and regularly measures the temperature in the room where the control panel is located. Thus, the I FEEL function helps to provide a climate in the room, as well as to use electricity sparingly.

The range of output power capacity

The new 5th generation inverter compressors are distinguished by their durability, reliability and high efficiency. They operate in the range of 10-165 Hz, when the predecessors functioned at a frequency of 15-150 Hz. Thanks to the extended range, the air conditioner reaches the set parameters faster and is more efficient in the case of partial load.

The bearings of the compressor are manufactured using polyetheretherketone (PEEK), which is used in the aircraft industry. With this material, the compressor can work for a long time, and without lubrication. The inverters of the 5th generation have a sensor that regulates the level of lubrication in the crankcase of the compressor. In case of incorrect return of oil or lack of it, the air conditioner stops smoothly.

Innovation and price

Of course, any improvement affects the cost of the split system. Therefore, the latest generation models are the most expensive for leading manufacturers of climate technology. The buyer pays for a number of innovations, such as:

  • Ion plasma generators;
  • advanced frost protection systems;
  • heat pump.

A modern air conditioner is a machine with “intelligence”, equipped with a complex set of microcircuits or an advanced Board. The smart Board allows you to fill aggregates with functions:

  • to provide a self-test;
  • given the climate of;
  • protect the device in case of power failures;
  • diversify the sensors that track a person’s movement around the room;
  • expand the temperature range.

Along with this, the inverters have an advanced compressor with a floating rotor view. Inverter air conditioners are equipped with a DC electric motor in the fan, and a permanent magnet electric motor in the compressor. They provide complex air filtration. With them, you can enjoy coolness and freshness in the summer heat and stuffiness, without worrying about your health and electricity bills.

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