• Service

    Authorized service centers of SENSEI GROUP:



    Central service center SENSEI Ukraine

    Address: Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky district, Chaiky, Antonova st., 8 A, Business Center Sensei

    Phone: Director of Service +38 (067) 4080482, +38 (044) 3642970

    Working hours: Mon-Fri 09 a.m. – 06 p.m.

    Е-mail: larin@sensei.ua (Head of the Service)


    Service center Miromax

    Address: Vesnyana st., 8/1


    Service center ELF

    Address: Petropavlivska st., 86/1


    Service center  Sensei Kharkiv

    Address: Gagarin avenue, 183 А


    Service center  Elma Service

    Address: Kramatorsky boulevard, 3


    Service center  Rembytservis

    Address: Pravdy st., 50


    Service center  Atlant

    Address: B. Khmelnitsky avenue, 10/1


    Service center Repair and service

    Address: Robocha st., 66


    Service center  2С

    Address: Fontanska doroga, 12/10


    Service center  INTERSERVIS

    Address: Kirov avenue, 59


    Service center  INTERSERVIS

    Address: Vnutrishnokvartalnyy proyizd, 2


    Service center  INTERSERVIS

    Address: Korolenka, 2


    Service center  Ves svit Cherkas

    Address: Dobrovolsky st., 1, office 201


    Service center INTERSERVICE

    Address: Enerhetychna, 3 А


    Service center  Prof-maister

    Address: Chernyakhovsky st., 20


    Service center  Panasonic service

    Address: Proskurivske pidpillya st., 117


    Service center  Rubicon

    Address: Robochyy lane, 5


    Service center  СЕМ

    Address: Chaldayev st., 2



    Service center  Radio Service

    Address: Kyivska, 2



    Service center  INTERSERVICE

    Address: Vovchinetska st., 223

    Krivy Rig
    Service center of LLC “Lotus”
    Address: st. Kosiora, 64


    We strive to provide fast and qualified help, carry out warranty and post-warranty repairs, service maintenance of SENSEI, TCL air conditioners.

  • Guarantee

    Following these recommendations, you will receive the maximum warranty period for the equipment purchased and protect yourself from the loss of time and the probability of unnecessary questions from the service organization. The SENSEI air conditioners are presented in household and semi-industrial series.


    The term of guarantee of semi-industrial models is 2 years. Household split systems SENSEI – 5 years. Household split systems TCL – 2 years.  The main official service center of SENSEI is a service center in Kiev, which provides the warranty repair of equipment. Our experts will carry out the diagnostics of the warranty repair equipment in the shortest possible time, qualitatively and in time, repair the defective equipment, or replace it with a similar one.


    Terms of Warranty

    Guarantee card is valid only with the correct and clearly indicated model name, a serial number of internal and external units, date of sale, a clear seal of the company-seller and installer, a signature of the buyer. In case of violation of these conditions, as well as if the data specified in the warranty card are changed, erased or rewritten, the card is invalidated.

    The manufacturer provides for the elimination of deficiency (defects) of the product arising from the fault of the Manufacturer within 12 (twelve) months from the date of sale of the product. The manufacturer does not bear warranty obligations and does not carry out warranty repairs of the product in the following cases: if the product intended for personal (household, family) needs was used for purposes not meeting the direct purpose;


    • in the case of violations of the rules and conditions of operation, installation of the product set out in the operating instructions, as well as in the case of repair and installation, modification of the air conditioner by unauthorized persons;
    • if the product has signs of third-party interference or attempted repair by a non-specialized service center;
    • if the defect is caused by a change of the construction or scheme of the product not provided by the Manufacturer;
    • if the thermal flow in the room has changed during the period of operation and there is a discrepancy between the cooling capacity (heating power) of the air conditioner and the thermophysical qualities of the room, which makes the conditioner unable to maintain the desired temperature;
    • the lack of preventive maintenance of the air conditioner less than 1 time a year and/or the absence of a mark about its conducting in the warranty card.
    • if the defect is caused by the action of irresistible forces, accidents, deliberate or careless actions of the consumer or third parties;

    if there is damage caused by ingress of foreign objects, substances, insects, and rodents inside the product.

    Warranty obligations do not apply to the following product defects:

    • the mechanical damage that arose after the transfer of goods to the consumer;
    • damage caused by non-compliance with electricity supply standards and other similar external factors;

    damage caused by the use of non-standard and/or poor-quality consumables, accessories, spare parts.


    Set-up and installation (assembly, connection, etc.) of the product, described in the documentation accompanying it, must be performed by a specialized assembly organization. Require the specialist performing the installation to provide all necessary information about installing your product on the warranty card.

    SENSEI GROUP disclaims any liability for any damage directly or indirectly caused by the SENSEI and TCL products to humans, pets, property in the event of failure to comply with the rules and conditions of use, installation of the product, intentional or careless actions of the consumer or third parties.

  • Instructions and documents

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